Get Your Vote on for the 2013 Bucky Awards!


The CBC Radio 3: Bucky Awards are back for its eighth year!

Every year CBC Radio 3 gets help from you, it’s audience, to create a list of nominees (aka Canadian artists) in which the public can vote on. Everyday they release a new category that you are able to cast your ballot for, and some of these categories are pretty damned funny. So far the categories include:

Best Song
Rookie of the Year
Most “Canadian” Song
Most Dynamic Duo
Child of the 80s
Best Album Art
Sexiest Music
Best Live Show
Best Beat
Must Follow Artist (They mean on the Social Medias, not stalking) 

So you can see it is a pretty diverse and creative range of categories. So what is the point of these awards? To put a spotlight on amazing Canadian artists, as chosen by the public. It is a great way for bands that aren’t as famous to get their name out there and it is fun!

Some awesome artists in the running this year include: The Strumbellas, Gold & Youth, A Tribe Called Red, Whitehorse, Louise Burns (Also in Gold & Youth), Arcade Fire, BRAIDS, Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party, Austra, The Darcys, and more!

So go ahead and click the image below to get your vote on! Democracy.. hoorah!



Arts & Crafts: X

Arts and Crafts X AlbumIt’s been a week or so since Arts & Crafts dropped their new 10 year anniversary album and boy am I happy.

A friend got me a copy of it and it is pure enjoyment from start to finish. The album is a collaboration between  artist pairings from the Arts & Crafts label like Trust x Gold & Youth or The Darcys x Ra Ra Riot. It is really hard to choose a favourite out of this bang-up album!

Also worth mentioning: Arts & Crafts has been putting together tonnes of awesome events around the city (Toronto) to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, including: displaying their entire photo archive to the public, and of course Field Trip, taking place this Saturday, June 8th at Fort York all day.

This is a must-listen album!

Favourite Tracks: 

Chances Are – Amy Millan x Dan Mangan

Bizarre Love Triangle – Apostle Of Hustle x Zeus

Lady Bird – Gold & Youth x Trust

Hello, Gold and Youth

Gold & Youth are a group based in Vancouver. Hmm. Vancouver. Been hearing a lot about bands coming from Vancouver lately. Who knew it could be possible? From my personal preference, most of the bands I have been listening to reign from Toronto or Montréal, so what’s all this Vancouver business about?
Well, despite being from the west coast, I gave them a listen and loved what I heard thus sharing this information with the internetz (that’s you).
Here is an excerpt from the artist bio from Arts & Crafts:
Formed in Victoria BC, Canada, in the fall of 2008 and settled now in Vancouver,
GOLD & YOUTH (formerly known as The Racoons, and for a second Jakarta)
has developed their craft on a considerable number of stages. Musically, they
blend synthetic and organic textures. Sequenced bass and programmed drum
loops are layered against the sound of a live band, creating a density one might
not expect from a three-piece. Danceable, but you could a rock out if you want to.
Also: they write a lot of hooks!
Thank you Arts & Crafts!
So if this sounds good to you, take a listen below and don’t forget to go to their website for a free mp3 download of Time to Kill (The embed code does not work so I had to link)!