The History of the Lambada Sample

Have you ever wondered where the catchy dance sample you hear all the time on the radio comes from? Well I have been attempting to track down the source of one sample that has been in a lot of songs lately and this is what I found:

1. So let’s start here at Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor:

2. That lead me to find this catchy dance song from a few summers ago….

3. Upon further digging, I found this:

From the French band Kaoma. This came out in 1989 and was a cover of a previous song…..

4. …Chorando se foi by Marcia Ferreira from Brazil!

5. Which is a Brazilian Portuguese cover of the Spanish song called Llorando se fue by Bolivian group Los Kjarkas:

…..Woo! Who knew one pan-flutey Bolivian hit song from the 80s could go so far, sparking the Lambada craze and continuing on into music we hear on the airwaves today!

But for all I know this could go back even farther!

Please share with me your Lambada Moments!