Kelis Releases New Music Video

So I have been loving the recent switch in some former Hip Hop/R&B artists like Kelis and Kelly Rowland over to the side of dance music. I downloaded ‘Flesh Tone’ by Kelis and can’t stop listening to it. ‘4th of July’ and ‘Brave’ are probably among my favourites but it’s really hard to judge because the whole album is so good. I really appreciate when an artist mixes each song onto the next to create a general flow throughout the whole.

The album is clearly dealing with her break up with Nas but not in an angry, bitter way, but more in a: even-though-you-suck-I’m-glad-we-had-what-we-had-because-now-I’m-stronger-because-of-it kind of way. And if you watch the ‘Acapella’ video her son has a cameo at the very end! Kelis’ growth as an artist is quite substantial and I am officially in love with her…. So back off!

Here is ‘Brave’ (produced by Benny Benassi) which was released today on Twitter: