Un petit goût de l’Acadie avec Lisa LeBlanc

When I decided to start featuring Canadian artists every Wednesday on the blog, I wanted to make sure that Québec, and other francophone communities in Canada, were not left out. Personally, I feel like Québec is an important part of our collective culture and they have a lot to offer! So that’s why I will include from time-to-time some Canadian/Québecois artists that I particularly like.

Today I am introducing you to Lisa LeBlanc, who is not from Québec but is Acadian and hails from Granby, New Brunswick. She has defined her music as “Trash Folk,” a definition I kinda like. She uses Acadian slang and pronunciation in her songs so it may be difficult to understand if you aren’t fluent in that dialect. I really enjoy that she is proud of her heritage and shows off her side of “Canada.”

The links are like little Wikipedia history lessons (For those of you who aren’t Canadian)!

P.S. Vote for her in the SOCAN ECHO songwriting prize: http://www.prixecho.ca/

Lisa has a great voice and I love her energy, check her out below and don’t forget to share & comment!