Lykke Li’s New Album Release + Free Tracks!

Lykke Li announced on her website and via pitchfork today the set release date of March 1st for her new album entitled ‘Wounded Rhymes’ and tickets have just gone on sale for May 22nd in Toronto at Phoenix! Just when I was asking what has Lykke Li been up to?
Lykke Li has completely changed her image and wants to promote empowerment of women in the fight against sexism. This new turn sounds like it will be very promising. I strongly advise you to read her interview on pitchfork that is on the link above and you can download her new tracks ‘Get Some’ and ‘Paris Blue’ for free from her website: !!!
I think her change in style and attitude will definitely work in her favour, check out the video for ‘Get Some’. What do you think?

Misfits Soundtrack Will Rock Your Socks!

Misfits, not to be confused with the band, is a British drama television series on E4 about a group of young offenders who are stuck doing “Community Repayment”. One day there is a wicked storm and they are all struck by lightning leading to them having supernatural abilities like the power to make men super horny to the point of rape, as is the case for one character in the show. The series is reminiscent of the popular series ‘Skins’, which ended its run this year (but no worries an American series will be coming out soon).

Other than it being a great series, Misfits has a great soundtrack as well. Taking from artists such as: Crystal Castles, Lykke Li, Florence + the Machine, Metronomy, Klaxons, Justice, and much more. I found a list of torrents where you can download the soundtrack and the episodes of the entire series, which at this point is only six episodes long.

Click here for a list of sites you can download the soundtrack from.