Polaris Music Prize 2013 Highlights


This year’s Polaris Music Prize was filled with amazing talent and great performances. 

This time last year, I was at home watching the performances roll out on livestream wishing I could be there to see the acts live. This year, I was. I feel grateful and proud to have been able to go and be a part of the audience and get to support Canadian talent and give these artists the attention they deserve. Also, a special thanks to Kathleen Edwards and Shad who did a spectacular job at entertaining the crowd; it is events like Polaris that really show how we differ from our American counterparts.

Check out some of my bad Instagram photos.

Here are some of the acts that I thought were noteworthy and worth watching again (Full video below):

Purity Ring

Colin Stetson

Choir Choir Choir sing Tegan and Sara


A Tribe Called Red


Don’t Forget Your Purity Ring

God… another band from Montréal. What’s wrong with these people? Talent in the fluoride? Do they have fluoride in the water in Montréal?

I would classify Purity Ring under ‘Dream Pop.’ It comes off as artsy/hipster/whathaveyou, but I think they are kind of fun. Even their name is evokes a “ha ha.” This is definitely a test project for something more.

They are also going to be at Iceland Airwaves!