Sleigh Bells in Chicago

So I went to Chicago this past weekend and saw Sleigh Bells at Pitchfork Music Festival. The festival was pretty amazing with the best performances being by Beach House and Major Lazer (I am surprised at myself for saying I actually thoroughly enjoyed Major Lazer). However Sleigh Bells really lacked in their performance. Maybe it was the Mic volume being set too low so all you could really hear was the pre-recorded noise over the singer. The fact of the matter is, why did there have to be so much pre-recorded junk anyway when they could have easily done it live. There were parts when the singer would just be dancing around on stage while her pre-recorded self sang, seems a bit lazy to me. 
Anywho I am seeing them again tonight in Toronto with Die Antwoord… So here is to hoping they do a little bit better. And here is a clip from someone else who was also there in Chicago on Sunday at Sleigh Bells.
*Note: Something you can’t see in this clip is that there was ACTUALLY a steady stream of people leaving the performance because it was so bad compared to the other groups performing that day.*