SoKo: Thought She was an Alien

Soko has come a long way since 2007. Anyone remember ‘I’ll Kill Her’? The video is just an amateur taping of her and a dude playing acoustic guitar and a dusty mirror.

She has clearly blossomed as an artist. I can’t wait for her new album to drop February 20th (I Thought I was an Alien).

The video for ‘I Thought I was an Alien’ is mostly shot on an iPhone and co-directed by Spike Jonze. SoKo has also taken on co-directing for all of her new music videos it would seem. I like that she doesn’t take on directing her videos completely as I could see that going poorly for some artists, but SoKo seems to know what she’s doing.

Here are two new videos from her upcoming album and don’t forget to comment below:

‘I Thought I was an Alien’:

‘First Love Never Die’: