Iceland Airwaves 2012: In Photos

Hey guys! Thought you might enjoy some photos from Airwaves. I found out how to embed a slideshow into the blog – WOW! I am a genius.
Now I can share some photos with you of Reykjavik and some sexy people with a playlist below to listen to because why not?

Icelandic Mondays w/ SOMETIME

SOMETIME is an electro-pop group from… well, Iceland. If you haven’t guessed it, yes they are playing at Iceland Airwaves this week. They have some catchy beats that make you feel like a beautiful wallflower in a huge room of people, jamming out and enjoying the rhythm of the beat by yourself.

Here is what they say about themselves:

SOMETIME, the brilliant pop outfit from Iceland, who with their catchy dance infused songs are already receiving great critical acclaim. The fivesome’s main ingredients are THE DANNI , A super technical and inventive drummer, DIVA DE LA ROSA , a frontwoman who possesses the vocals of an electrocuted Peggy Lee, DJ MOONSHINE , a turntable wiz-kid with some deft scratching, MODION who manipulates the whole thing with his amazing audio tweaking and mixing, and NOEM , a visual virtuoso enhancing the live experience. Sometime hammers out a string and robo-erotic, club-happy numbers, soaked in a sweet wash of 80s new wave synth mixed with the occasional feeling of being back in the 50s

Watch the video, stream the album. I am so generous.