Songza: New Music App for iPhone

What is Songza?
If you don’t have Songza yet, what is taking you so long? After all, it did come out just over two weeks ago (in Canada) and we all know that is like a million non-internet years.
But seriously, Songza is a new app for the iPhone/iPad/iWhatever that uses genius-like programming to deliver you beautifully curated music that you didn’t even know you wanted to hear, when you want to hear it. Songza categorizes their playlists in a convenient way that makes it so simple your data plan is going to die.
What do they do?
Songza separates the music decision-making into 3 simple choices:
First: you choose the activity – what you are doing at the time – this is all based off of what day and time it is currently when using the app.
Then: you choose the emotion, mood, or general genre you want to hear.
Finally: you choose from a list of expertly-chosen playlists.
They have tonnes of different activities for different times of day. For example, once I was on it on a Sunday night and one option displayed to me was: “Looking at photos of your ex on Facebook.” Clearly these people know what they are doing.
Download it in the App Store! These people should pay me!
No music this post, but I will post a review/interview with the creators of this bright, NYC start-up: