Les Transmusicales 2010

Want to know where I wish I was this weekend instead of studying for exams? You don’t care? Well I’ll tell you anyway! I wish I was in Rennes, France for the annual Les Trans Musicales music festival.

A few years ago I resided in Rennes, France and had the chance to go to this amazing and out-of-place music festival where I got to see the amazing French group Birdy Nam Nam play an amazing show! There is not much that I miss from that city but this is one of the things that I do miss. Les Trans (for short, and no it doesn’t mean tranny) is a festival that consists of many artists and DJs from around the world for one crazy weekend. Most of the concerts take place at an Expo centre just outside the city with many halls, but smaller events spill out in to bars and clubs in the city. The city conveniently has one street that is aptly named “Rue de la soif” (Street of thirst…. thirsty street… drunkers street!), it contains most of the city’s bars.

Anyways, this is why you would want to go to Les Trans in Rennes:

Janelle Monae
Fake Blood
A Trak

…And much more.

This is one weekend of cheap wine, cheap (but good) music, and craziness.

Holler to my friends in Rennes that get the opportunity to partake!