Polaris Music Prize 2013 Highlights


This year’s Polaris Music Prize was filled with amazing talent and great performances. 

This time last year, I was at home watching the performances roll out on livestream wishing I could be there to see the acts live. This year, I was. I feel grateful and proud to have been able to go and be a part of the audience and get to support Canadian talent and give these artists the attention they deserve. Also, a special thanks to Kathleen Edwards and Shad who did a spectacular job at entertaining the crowd; it is events like Polaris that really show how we differ from our American counterparts.

Check out some of my bad Instagram photos.

Here are some of the acts that I thought were noteworthy and worth watching again (Full video below):

Purity Ring

Colin Stetson

Choir Choir Choir sing Tegan and Sara


A Tribe Called Red