Bucky 2012: It’s Time to Vote!

It is time for the annual CBC Radio 3: Bucky Awards. This is where you, the listener, gets a say in who you think deserves an award in a certain categories. This year the categories have been renamed by you, the listener, to make it more interesting. This years categories are (w/ media linked):

  1. Rookie of the Year
  2. Hottest Pipes
  3. Best Reason to Learn French
  4. Most Watchable Song
  5. Best Reason to Buy a Concert Ticket
  6. Sexiest Artist 
  7. The Hugh LeCaine Electronic Sackbut
  8. #Socialbutterfly
  9. The Golden Bucky
Featuring tonnes of talent and with fun categories like that it’s hard not to put in your say. Head over to the CBC Radio 3 website and vote (it takes a quick moment).
You can vote here.
Here is a music video by one of the nominees.