Friday Night: The Good Natured Night

Just a little late night The Good Natured appearing on a track with Adrian Lux, a dancey-dance man from Sweden.

The Good Natured

Recently a friend of mine sent me an awesome video by this cute girl called ‘The Good Natured’. Sarah McIntosh is the girl behind the name, she reminds me a lot of La Roux having the same sort of style and appearance but she is way cuter and has the potential to be more versatile. I really enjoy the song and video for ‘Prisoner’ because unlike her other videos it is simple and has less visual aesthetic and this makes it (for me) more appealing.

Prisoner came out on November 1st with the single ‘Be My Animal’. It is the first time I ever purchased music on iTunes. But c’mon, for $1.98 who can go wrong …I sense credit card debt in my future…